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News and Reminders for 2018 Lakeland Sewer Customers

Date Posted 2/18/18

  • To report a grinder alarm or damage to District property please call 888-804-2601.
    • Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergencies.
    • This emergency phone number is also posted on the white control panel of your grinder station.
  • For any other question, concerns, problems or reporting you can call the District office Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00.
  • Please review the bottom of your monthly bill for important message from the District.
  • It is recommended to leave your electric power on to the grinder 365 days a year.
  • If you share a grinder with a neighbor please be respectful.
  • If you use antifreeze to winterize your home please use an R/V grade of antifreeze.
  • Refrain from placing fats, oil or grease down your drain.
  • Do not place any of the following down your drain: flammable liquid or gas, rags, plastics items, sand, mud, paints (or other items that may be harmful to the system).
  • Please notify the District of any property changes.
  • The 2018 Lakeland Regional Sewer Board members were elected at January’s Board meeting.

Note: The District would like to thank all the property owners and contractors for their hard work in making connections to the sewer system.

The Lakeland Regional Sewer District is relocating

Effective November 1, 2017 the Lakeland Regional Sewer District (LRSD) office will be relocating to 5002 E 100 N, Warsaw, IN  46582. Future LRSD board meetings will also be held at this address. If necessary, you can obtain directions to the new office location by calling our office (574) 529-2383.

View a map of the new location

Driving Direction to Lakeland Regional Sewer District Office/Plant:
  • Proceed South on the Barbee Road/650 E to 100 N.  Turn right or West onto 100 N.
  • The Lakeland Regional Sewer District Office is located approximately 1.5 miles from 650 E.
  • Where you will see a small sign on the right or North side of the road.
  • Turn right or north and follow the paved lane to the plant and offices.

Making Your Connection to the Grinder

Please be advised that in accordance with Indiana Code §13-26-5-2 you are required to connect to the System under Indiana law.
  • You have 90 days from October 13, 2017 to connect.
  • Attention: After October 31, 2017 you will need to obtain and submit your permit at the new Administrative Offices locating @ 5002 E 100 N Warsaw on November 1, 2017.

  1. Obtain Permit Forms:
    1. These forms were mailed with your March 2, 2017 letter – To Connect notice.
    2. You can download the form from this web site (see LRSD Manual Forms)
    3. You can pick up a copy of the forms at the District office.
    4. Forms A & B are the only forms required to be filled out by owner and signed.
    5. Form C can be filled out by a contractor or owner.
  2. Submit permit forms with inspection fee ($120.00) before any work can begin:
    1. Permit office hours (Mon – Fri  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) Sat – Closed.
    2. Permit Office is located in the NWCC building @ 301 N. Main St. (SR-13) North Webster IN. 46555. (After October 31, 2017 the permit office will be relocated to 5002 E 100 N Warsaw)
    3. Permit forms & fee can be mailed but, not recommended to P.O. Box 705 North Webster IN. 46555.
    4. Proof of liability insurance is required from your contractor or from property owner with LRSD to be shown as additional insured on the form.
    5. Any questions call 574-529-2383 ext. #2 during office hours.
  3. Make your connection:
    1. You can make the connection yourself or hire a contractor (see contractors list on this web site).
    2. Connection requirements per LRSD Standard Manual (see LRSD Standard Manual on this web site).
    3. Abandon all old septic tanks on the property (see Requirements for Abandoning your Septic System on this web site).
  4. Inspection:
    1. Whoever did the work should call in for an inspection 48 hours before the work is completed to set an appointment.
    2. Inspection can be call in (Mon – Fri  8:00 AM  to 5:00 PM) Sat – By appointment only.
    3. To set inspection times and dates or for any questions call 574-529-2383 ext. #3

For New Home Service Connection and New Service Taps (Grinder Installation)

  1. Obtain a Permit Forms:
    1. You can download the forms from this web site (see LRSD New Home Service Forms & Permit).
    2. You can pick a copy up at the District office.
  2. Submit permit forms with fees:
    1. Office hours (Mon – Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM).
    2. Office is located in the NWCC building @ 301 N. Main St. North Webster IN. 46555.
      (After October 31, 2017 permit office will be relocated to 5002 E 100 N Warsaw).
    3. Any questions call 574-529-2383 ext. #5.

Sewer Connection Guides

House Connection Status Map

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