Grinder Station Service & Usage Guide

Important Information for your Grinder Station

Lakeland Regional Sewer District (LRSD) has compiled a checklist for grinder station alarms or service issues, and rules to prevent issues with your grinder station and the LRSD treatment system.


  • Never turn off power to your grinder station, even if you are away for long periods of time! Not having power to your grinder station can result in disastrous consequences for various reasons.
  • If there are sewer issues in your house and no alarm, check your household breaker that powers the grinder station. You are responsible for the supply of electricity to the grinder station, and for any obstruction in your sewer lateral to the grinder station.
  • Even if there is no visual or audible grinder station alarm, call the LRSD service line (574-529-2383, Ext. #1) if toilets don’t flush/drains don’t drain and you don’t believe the issues is related to household power or sewer lateral obstruction.

In Event of a Grinder Station Alarm:

  • Discontinue water use to prevent overflows.
  • Silence alarm by pressing “silence” button on control panel box (the light will remain on).
  • Check your household breaker powering the grinder station to ensure it isn’t tripped (or turned off). If it is, no power is going to the grinder station. You might need to contact an electrician to diagnose your household electrical panel as this is your responsibility.
  • If you have a sewer “clean out”, you can check it to see if water is overflowing or near the top. If so, your sewer lateral might have a clog that will require you to call a plumber to rectify.
  • Wait fifteen (15) minutes before taking further action. A high-water alarm might briefly activate if you are draining a large spa tub or other appliance at a rate high enough to temporarily overwhelm the grinder station pump. If the alarm turns off, there is no need to call LRSD for service.
  • Call the LRSD at 574-529-2383, Ext. #1 if you are still having issues with your grinder station. LRSD will respond to rectify your grinder station problem.
  • LRSD has an Access Easement to each grinder station. Please make sure you or your neighbors aren’t obstructing LRSD’s ability to service your grinder station. LRSD has legal authority to tow vehicles and remove improvements obstructing grinder station access.

Proper Grinder Station Usage:

Never pour the following items down your drains of flush them in the toilet:

  • Cooking Fat (Oil, Grease, or Lard),
  • Disposable Wipes (including those that state “Flushable” or “Biodegradable”),
  • Metal, Plastic, or Latex objects (Feminine Products, Toys, Utensils, Condoms, etc.),
  • Diapers, Socks, Rags, Sanitary Napkins, or Cloth of any kind,
  • Seafood Shells, Cat Litter, or Animal Bones,
  • Degreasing Solvents,
  • Lubricating Oil or Grease,
  • Gasoline, Kerosine, Fuel Oil, Paint Thinners, or Antifreeze,
  • Biohazardous Material,
  • Any Strong Chemical or Toxic, Caustic, or Poisonous Substance, and
  • Any Explosive or Flammable Material.