Monthly Rates and Information


Normally there are two type of sewer rate that can be establish in calculation a monthly sewer bill, a metered rate or a fixed/ flat rate. A metered rate requires a flow meter on each sewer producing structure and is based on a percentage of the potable water being used as sewage and a rate study done on that percentage. The second is a fixed / flat rate it is based on all sewer users sharing the monthly cost after a rate study is performed.

Both types of monthly rates require rate study to be performed by a professional firm to determent a monthly rate. LRSD met the requirements for fixed billing rate study to be done.

Basically, a fixed rate study was done by defining the number of sewer User Types then associating them with a total of equivalent single-family dwelling units (Equivalency Factory- EDU). Then taking a monthly loan payment for the project cost (Debt Service) and then take the monthly operation and maintenance cost (User Charges) add the two and that determines the total rate per EDU. For monthly billing services and administration cost per EDU is added to the total rate for a total monthly billing charge

Below you will find the LRSD monthly schedule of rates per EDU. Note: For more information about District Rates can found at the most recent amended District Rate Ordinance found on this web site.