Inspection Fees


In order to recover the inherent costs associated with providing services other than operation and maintenance services. A schedule of fees has been established to cover those cost as shown below and in the latest rate ordinance.

Inspection fees cover new residential or new commercial construction and the types of structure being inspected. The inspection fee is due at time of the construction permit is completed. There is no cost for the permit.

Other fees including below are costs associated with fee collection on delinquent accounts, cost of certified postage to the owner of the delinquent account for all mailings sent to the owner relating to the collection of the owner’s debt, costs associated with recording special agreements, easements, liens, releases of liens, and any other required recording with a local or state government.

Also, below if the owner found to have obstructed or damaged the District’s Sewage Works on his or her property shall be held liable for the costs to repair (or replace) the damaged portion of the Works.


Fees and charges for services other than monthly sanitary sewer collection and treatment services shall be payable as hereinafter provided.


Fee Type Fee
  • New dwelling constructions.
  • Additions to existing dwellings.
  • Unattached garages, accessory or storage buildings connected to system.
  • Manufactured Home not located in a Mobile Home Court.
  • This fee includes one (1) trip to the building site.
  • Unattached garages, accessory or storage buildings not connected to system;
  • Decks, porches, carports, fences, retaining walls, or similar type construction;
  • Manufactured Home located in a Mobile Home Court.

These items include one (1) trip only to the building site.

Each subsequent trip for the same or similar purpose. $50.00
New construction, additions $120.00

If a non-objection letter/amendment is required by other agencies not covered above and does not require a site inspection, there
will be a minimum charge of $10.00 per letter.

Renewal of expired letters of non-objection is $10.00 if no changes are made to original submitted drawings or no new trips are required for re-inspection.

One Trip:
  • Inspection of tank, plumbing and electrical
  • Electrical only
  • Plumbing only


Re-inspection fees will be charged per trip $50.00
Post-construction permit: Double the amount of original permit fee
Encroachment Agreement or the cost to the District of dealing with any encroachment shall include the cost of preparing any agreement,
any attorney’s fees, recording fees, and other expenses incurred by the District at a rate of:
Attorney’s Fees: $225.00 per hr.
Supervisor or Staff: $60.00 per hr.
Technician: $55.00 per hr.
Additional Services
Any job or service performed by the District will be charged at the following rates:
Request for billing statement for property transfer $25.00 per request
Supervisor or Staff: $70.00 per hr.
Technician: $60.00 per hr.
Equipment Charges:
Backhoe $115.00 per hr.
Sewer Vacuum Truck $95.00 per hr.
Portable Sewer Jetter $45.00 per hr.
Dump Truck $45.00 per hr.
Trailer $25.00 per hr.
Service Truck $40.00 per hr.
45 KW Generator $45.00 per hr.
Small Generator $25.00 per hr.
Fusion Machine $40.00 per hr
Rental equipment and materials will be charged cost plus 30% for administrative, service and other overhead costs.