September 2011 Letter to Property Owners

September 2011 Letter to Property Owners

Lakeland Regional Sewer District recently sent the following letter to home owners on September 26, 2011.

TO: Property Owners in the Lakeland Regional Sewer District’s
Proposed Immediate Service Area
RE: On-Site Physical Survey
Dear Property Owner:

The District’s project engineering firm, DLZ Indiana, LLC, will soon be on-site to begin the topographical survey of the proposed sewer routes and properties that have been identified as potential District sewer customers. Our information indicates that you either own or occupy property so identified. The majority of the project will be within the existing road right-of-way or existing easements, but it may be necessary for our engineers to come upon your property to locate your individual well and/or septic tank. Entry onto your property will be kept to a minimum and it will not involve the use of any heavy equipment nor result in the disturbance of any of your property. DLZ personnel will show you their identification at your request. If you have sold this property, or it is occupied by someone else, please let us know the name and address of the new owner or current occupant so we can contact them about the pending survey work.

The survey work will include gathering detailed mapping information for the project area including the

location of features such as roadways, existing utilities, buildings, trees, fences, drives, and obtaining ground elevations. The survey is needed for the proper planning and design of the proposed sewer improvement project, and determining location of grinder stations for each property.

Please be assured of our sincere desire to cause you as little inconvenience as possible during this survey. If any problems do occur or if you have any questions, please contact Rob Hathaway of DLZ at (260) 420-3114, or the District at 574-529-2383 or 574-834-2382.

We look forward to working with each of you on this very important Project.

Board of Trustees
Lakeland Regional Sewer District