Easement Information Sent to Property Owners

Easement Information Sent to Property Owners

Easements for the project are currently being obtained.  An easement information letter along with easement documents for property owners to execute were mailed to property owners on April 12, 2012.  A reminder letter was mailed on June 29, 2012.

The April 12, 2012 easement letter contained the following information.

  • Easement Cover Letter (3 pages)
  • 1 copy of Easement Document, titled Agreement for Temporary Construction Easement and Permanent Sewer Utility Easement (5 pages)
  • Easement Document Exhibit A (attached to Easement)– Deed of Record (average of 3 pages)
  • Exhibit B (not attached to easement, reference only)– Plot plan (aerial picture) showing main line, service lateral and grinder station (1 page)
  • Pamphlet titled “When a Public Agency Acquires Your Property”. (7 pages)
  • Single Family Loans and Grants sheet explaining grant programs for low-income applicants (2 pages)

Note that the easement document does not have to be notarized in Kosciusko County; the easement may be notarized in any county or state.  If you have not yet executed your easement, please do so before July 15, 2012 and mail it back to the District.  You may also drop off the easement at the District office at the North Webster Community Center; just slide it under the office door.

If you have any questions, need assistance, or need another copy of your easement document please contact the District via e-mail (info@LakelandRSD.com) or telephone (574-529-2383 or 574-834-2382).  For more information on the letters sent to property owners click on Easements in the About LRSD tab drop down menu.