December 19, 2018 Minutes

December 19, 2018 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Jim Haney.

Present: Jim Haney, Mike DeWald, Bob Marcuccilli, Sue Ann Mitchell, and Frank Kurth.
Parke Smith and Greg Mitchell were absent.

The meeting date and time were posted and advertised as required.

Jim Haney presented the November 2018 meeting minutes and Mike DeWald made the motion to approve the minutes as written, seconded by Sue Ann Mitchell, and on call of roll was carried by the vote:
5 Yeas 0 Nays 0 Abstain

Treasurer Report:
Mike DeWald reviewed the Unaudited Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements and the Monthly Analysis of Cash and Investment Accounts.

Mike commented that the receipts numbers are down this month, but does not know why. He also noted that Carson LLP did not submit a bill for last month. Mike had transferred the remaining funds from the Key Bank checking account in order to close that account. The account is now closed. The District will only have the three accounts at Lake City Bank and one checking account at First State Bank in Middlebury.

Jim Haney made the motion to approve the Unaudited Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements, Monthly Analysis of Fund Balances, and Monthly Analysis of Cash and Investment Accounts, seconded by Bob Marcuccilli, and on call of roll was carried by the vote:
5 Yeas 0 Nays 0 Abstain

Mike DeWald presented the board with the Operating and Maintenance Fund Cash Budget. The legal fees are higher than originally budgeted which is due to the lawsuits regarding the mobile home parks. The District is approximately $125,000.00 positive over our projected budget for the year.

Mike also noted that the OKW bill for accounting that the board approved last month for $1500.00 came in at $1920.00. He made the payment of $1920.00 instead of the $1500.00 that the Board approved the prior month, noting that the extra fees were for the help with the audit. Mike presented the Monthly Claim Approval Form. Jim Haney made the motion to approve the monthly claims totaling $56,821.60, seconded by Sue Ann Mitchell, and on call of roll was carried by the vote:
5 Yeas 0 Nays 0 Abstain

Late Fees:

The Board discussed how the late fees should be applied. The ordinance says that the bill is to be paid by the end of the month, otherwise the penalty should be applied. After discussion with the Board, JPR, and Andy Boxberger, the Board decided that if the payment shows up on the first day of the month, it is late unless it is a weekend or a holiday.

DLZ Update:

  1. Open connections reviews/ no new connections.
  2. Tank item and bypass channel.
    DLZ is waiting on shop drawings from Haskins. The contract states that it is to be done at the end of the month. We will need to have a change order for the contractor. Jim Haney would like Casey to get a change order ready for the Board to sign at the next monthly meeting.

Selge Claim for 45 EMS B16 Lane:

Selge provided their documentation for the startup showing everything was inspected and okay. Selge believes that the contractor that did the hook-up caused the problem. After a discussion, the Board has decided that it is hard to place blame on either party without doubt.

Mike DeWald made the motion not to follow through with the $2650.00 claim regarding 45 EMS B16 Lane with Selge Construction, seconded by Bob Marcuccilli, and on call of roll was carried by the vote:

5 Yeas 0 Nays 0 Abstain

Astbury Report:

Influent flow meter is not working correctly. They have some very erratic flow readings. Astbury has had someone out two times to diagnose. They cannot determine the problem and we would need to have the manufacturer come and diagnose the problem which would cost $2800.00. A new unit is $3450.00. Astbury is still trying to repair the meter, but it may need to be replaced.

Astbury would like to set up an in-house warranty repair for grinder pump repairs. They are authorized by Barnes for warranty repairs. They are currently doing repairs on the panel under warranty now. They will be time stamping their times for the repairs so the District is not paying for Astbury’s time. Andy Boxberger would like to see some level of lease or license agreement to protect the District. Jim Haney would like to indemnify the District. Also, how much it would cost and who is paying for what, etc. Astbury will get that together for the Board.

Odor Control:

We are currently using hydrogen peroxide to control the odor at a cost of approximately $13,000.00 per year. Astbury has been using an activated carbon filter system at another district and it has been working well and is much cheaper. The system is around $10,000.00. The filter needs changed about every six months which costs about $300.00.

Astbury is going to do an analysis for the new system and compare it to the current cost of the hydrogen peroxide system that we have now.

The plant had an air leak in the clarifier tank. They found that there are four stainless steel clamps that have metal fasteners (not stainless steel) that have corroded and broken. Astbury is going to get ahold of Crosby to get new clamps that are all stainless steel as they should have been originally. Casey is going to look into this further.

Property Connections:

Twenty-nine are not connected. Two are pending connection in the next week.

Momeyer at 2 EMS B35 Lane claims his electric bills are high from his pump that was running continuously from the contactor sticking in the panel. He is seeking $106.64 for his electrical overages.

Jim Haney made the motion to reimburse Mr. Momeyer up to $200.00 for electrical costs, seconded by Mike DeWald, and on call of roll was carried by the vote:

5 Yeas 0 Nays 0 Abstain

2019 Meeting Schedule:

Jim Haney presented the 2019 meeting schedule. The meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of each month except for the November and December meetings. They will be held on the second Wednesday.

Motion to adopt the 2019 meeting schedule as proposed was made by Jim Haney, seconded by Sue Ann Mitchell, and on call of roll was carried by the vote:

5 Yeas 0 Nays 0 Abstain

Public Q & A:

Ryan Smith- Art & Sons Excavating
Q: Why is Mr. Stockton being charged for non-connect fees when they did the install on December 1, 2017?
A: The final inspection was never done and signed.

Kim Edmons- Little Barbee
He owns the trailers by the Barbee Landing. There are seven lots.
Q: Is there a mechanism in the ordinance to reduce his EDU count on his mobile home park?
A: Since this property is classified as a mobile home park, the number of EDUs can’t be reduced. However if mobile homes are removed, he could apply for a rate reduction (Ordinance 2018-02) which would reduce the monthly O&M charges on the vacant lots, but not the debt service charges.

Terry Martin -85 EMS B6A Lane
Q: Can he have his 17 days connection penalties waived? He claims he could not hook-up due to high water.
A: The Board denied his request.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:53 pm, made by Mike DeWald, seconded by Frank Kurth, and on call of roll was carried by the vote:

5 Yeas 0 Nays 0 Abstain

Bob Marcuccilli, Assistant Secretary