December 15, 2021 Minutes

December 15, 2021 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Jim Haney.

  • Present: Jim Haney, Mike DeWald, Bob Marcuccilli, Joe Cleland
  • Absent: Parke Smith, Frank Kurth

Report of Meeting Notice

The meeting date and time were posted and advertised as required.

Approval of Previous Minutes

  • Jim Haney presented the November 17, 2021, Regular Meeting minutes and made a motion to approve as submitted. The motion was seconded by Joe Cleland and was carried by the voice vote of:
    • 4 Yeas
    • 0 Nays
    • 0 Abstain

Treasurers Report and Other Financial Matters

  • Mike DeWald reviewed the financial reports.  Mike noted the following:
    • Unmetered Receipts were $132,733 and slightly under budget.
    • Billing was higher than usual.
  • Jim Haney made a motion to approve the Unaudited Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements, the Monthly Analysis of Funds and Balances, and the Monthly Analysis of Cash Investment Accounts.  The motion was seconded by Joe Cleland and was carried by the voice vote of:
    • 4 Yeas
    • 0 Nays
    • 0 Abstain
  • Mike presented the Cash & Fund Metrics.
  • Mike noted that we have a CD that needs renewed by February 22, 2022. Today’s rates are not very good so he will be looking into the new rates. We are currently getting 2.55%. 
  • Mike also presented the Management Cash Budget. The sewer bills are about $43,000 better than budgeted. Liens are down and equipment sales are up. Our budget of $1,571,000 came in at $1,614,000 revenue. He believes that we will be very close to our budget at the end of the year.
  • Mike also presented the Monthly Claims Approval Form of $46,842.31 and made the motion to approve. The motion was seconded by Joe Cleland and was carried by the voice vote of:
    • 4 Yeas
    • 0 Nays
    • 0 Abstain

Astbury Monthly Report 

  • Matt Rippey presented the Monthly Claims Report.
  • Astbury had a report on the air relief valve flushing. They had several valves that could not be located, and they would need to go back and locate. There were also several valves that were leaking. Matt states that they will get the report to the Board along with an updated list of repairs that are needed.
  • Lake Estates Generator
    • Matt reported that the generator has not showed up. The supplier states that it was shipped on November 20th but has not been received. They are trying to track it down. He will email the Board to provide an update.

Bar Screen Update

  • The brushes for the Bar Screen have been ordered with a ship date of December 17, 2021.
  • The crane for the bar screen install is in our possession. We had to order the side mount for the crane. Astbury will wait to replace the bushes until the crane has been installed.

Independent Contractors Committee Update

  • Bob Marcuccilli reported that the Committee went to the Turkey Creek District Plant to tour and talk to their operator, Tim Woodward. Tim showed how they used the Bed Drying Method which saves them from spending much money on sludge disposal every year. After they dry it they apply it to farmers’ fields. It would take a tractor and other equipment to operate the Bed Drying System and we would also need to build the beds.
  • The In the Round Dewatering System is self-contained and would fit in the current sludge building. There would be very little expense besides the system itself which is portable. The cost of the system is $150,000. Astbury spends around $40,000 per year for sludge removal. Bob talked with Astbury about leasing the system to them for use at other districts they operate and they would be interested in doing that. That would generate some income for us. Once it’s dried out it can be used by farmers in our area.
  • Purchasing Ferric Chloride is bulk instead of 55 gallons at a time. DLZ is working on an estimate for plans to build the tank to hold Ferric Chloride in bulk. Estimates are somewhere around $50,000.

Selge Breach of Contract

  • Andy Boxberger reported that he talked with Ron White of Selge and he did not think that they breached the contract. Andy was going to have Casey Irwin of DLZ contact him and give him information and pictures. Andy has had some correspondence with Casey but has not heard back from him yet. Ron has been waiting for Casey to contact him. Jim Haney is going to contact Casey about it.
  • Andy will reach out to Selge to seek a response prior to the next regular board meeting.

Property Owner Connection Status

  • Greg Gear reported that there are still 5 properties that still have not connected.
  • Greg also reported that there were 2 new connections. 1 new construction and 1 tear down/rebuild permits requested this month.
  • 1 request was made for a rate reduction.

Public Q & A

  • None


  • Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:13pm was made by Jim Haney.  The motion was seconded by Joe Cleland and was carried by the voice vote of:
    • 4 Yeas
    • 0 Nays
    • 0 Abstain

Bob Marcuccilli, Assistant Secretary