December 21, 2022 Minutes

December 21, 2022 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM by Jim Haney.
• Present: Jim Haney, Joe Cleland, Emily Shipley, Mike DeWald, Parke Smith, Rosa Ritchie, Bob Marcuccilli

Report of Meeting Notice
The meeting date and time were posted and advertised as required.

Consider and Act on Amended Rate Ordinance
• Jim Haney made the motion to adopt the proposed amended Rate Ordinance, effective January 1, 2023, as presented. The motion was seconded by Bob Marcuccilli and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain

Public Comments
• None

Approval of Previous Minutes
• Parke Smith presented the November 16, 2022, Regular Meeting minutes and made a motion to approve as submitted. The motion was seconded by Emily Shipley and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 6 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 1 Abstain

Treasurers Report and Other Financial Matters
• Mike DeWald recognized Steve Carter of O. W. Krohn & Associates, who was in attendance and thanked him for his contributions to the financial reporting processes.
• Mike then reviewed the Cash and Fund Balance Matrix and noted the ending balance of $2,277,096. No action is required for this document.
• Mike also reviewed the Management Cash Budget. Mike noted:
• The current budget is behind expectations by approximately $50,000, much of which can be attributed to maintenance costs exceeding budget by approximately $189,000.
• No action is required for this document.
• Mike then presented the Unaudited Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements, as prepared by O.W. Krohn and Associates. Jim Haney made a motion to approve the Unaudited Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements, Monthly Analysis of Fund Balances, and Monthly Analysis of Cash and Investment Accounts as presented. The motion was seconded by Parke Smith and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain
• Mike presented the monthly Claim Approval Form for a total of $124,971.75. Jim Haney made the motion to approve the Monthly Claims, seconded by Bob Marcuccilli and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain

Independent Contractors Committee Update
• Bob Marcuccilli provided an update on the maintenance agreement negotiations. Bob noted that the final draft was complete, but that clarification was needed on Astbury’s response. Bob also noted that he expected that the agreement could be finalized in the next regular meeting.

Astbury Monthly Report
• Josh Koontz presented the monthly report.
• General Operations
• Josh reported that all monthly recorded levels meet requirements and that the new In-The-Round system seemed to be performing well.
• Corrective maintenance
• Corrective maintenance occurs as required and includes WWTP and grinder station/lift station maintenance. A list of closed work orders that were completed during November 2022 was provided. Any issues discovered at grinder stations related to grease accumulation or excessive debris are forwarded to LRSD upon completion of the work order for evaluation. Corrective maintenance work orders created during the month but not closed/completed will be included in following month’s report.
• Digester pump #2 that was taken to Reed Electric was repaired and picked up on 12/13.
• The unit was set back in place by Astbury on 12/15 and will be wired up and ready to be put back in use.
• Astbury has determined that there is a leaking seal at rear of the gearbox of the influent drum screen. Astbury will work with Haskins to remove the unit and diagnose whether the seal is broken or rolled.
• Lakeland will not incur any expense for labor or crane truck usage for this corrective action.
• The mixer pump in the selector tank is showing an overtemperature alarm. While Haskins is on-site, Astbury will also have this unit pulled for further analysis. Josh will secure quotes for any potential work needed.
• Preventative Maintenance
• Preventative Maintenance was performed as required on infrastructure and equipment that comprises the LRSD treatment system, including WWTP, lift station equipment, and collection system low pressure sanitary system (LPSS).
• Special Projects
• On-Site Pump Testing:
• Astbury had an electrician complete work on the onsite pump test station. This equipment is ready to utilize in the testing of grinder pumps.
• Drum Scrubbers:
• Drum Scrubbers for lift stations #2 and 3 arrived on 11/01 and were set in-place on 11/10. The plumbing was completed for both on 11/28.
• Outlet was installed on panel at lift station #3 on 12/15. Both scrubbers are now ready for start-up. Purafil has been contacted to get these units up and running. Note that startup by a Purafil representative was included in the purchase proposal.
• Once activated, the H2S will be monitored at lift station #1 as requested.
• In-The-Round (ITR) Unit:
• Training on the ITR unit took place on 12/8. Astbury reports the information was very helpful. A box of spare tiles for the inside of the unit was left in the instance any need replaced.
• Astbury is currently fielding quotes from area haulers to haul and empty the ITR unit. As unique as the unit is, many providers are unaware of what the unit is, so getting pricing has been slower than anticipated.
• As of December 20, Astbury has started processing solids in the ITR unit and are taking a sludge cake sample to update the manifest with Waste Management’s Claypool landfill.
• Future Projects
• Customer Education Pamphlets/Control Panel Stickers: No update provided.
• Issues for Discussion
• Lift Station #1:
• Kesters Electric provided a proposal to repair pump #1 which is more than the cost of a new pump.
• Pump #2 appears to be handing the flows in its absence. However, as an insurance policy, Haskins Underground is providing a backup pump at this site until the new pump Greg Gear ordered arrives.
• Greg Gear provided a quote for approval by the Board to purchase another new pump to serve, in effect, as a spare. This pump will be placed in the lift station once it arrives and the existing pump #2 will be removed and used as a spare.
• There was discussion regarding the best course of action to ensure that adequate back-up options were available to mitigate future pump failures. Jim Haney made a motion to proceed with purchase of a backup pump for Lift #1 from Thompson in the amount of $29,645 plus freight and for Greg Gear to secure potential costs for a back-up pump for Lifts #2 and #3 and for a Bypass Pump prior to the next meeting. The motion was seconded by Bob Marcuccilli and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain
• New diffuser has been ordered. Expected to arrive the week of December 19th.
• Conversion to New Grinder Pump Design:
• The LRSD is going to investigate securing better pricing for existing legacy style Barnes pumps.
• Pump Cords
• Inventory is currently down to six (6) cords.
• Jim Haney confirmed that Crane will include power cords with pump purchases going forward.
• The LRSD Board directed Astbury to purchase an additional 12 power cords for inventory purposes.
• Oil and Grease Sampling:
• It was decided that Oil and Grease was to be monitored monthly at Lake Life, Barbee Inn, and Lake Estates grinder stations.
• Sample collected from Lake Life was above 100 mg/L but was collected from the wet well. To be valid, sample must be collected during restaurant hours to capture flow to grinder station.
• Josh Denlinger to collect samples at these locations and the Board can evaluate compliance afterwards. Results will be provided prior to the next regular meeting.
• Current Grinder Station Equipment Inventory
• The LRSD board directed Greg Gear to purchase 5 Type 1 complete grinder kits intended for re-sale purposes.

Engineering Update-Jellystone Campground/Ferric Chloride Project-DLZ
• Casey Erwin was present and reported:
• Plan Reviews: (3) plan reviews were completed in December and sent to Greg Gear.
• DLZ 2023 Engineering Agreement: Pending, DLZ will have this for the January 2023 meeting.
• Yogi Bear Connection – DLZ proposal for Preliminary Study: Study overview and estimated costs were provided.
• Joe Cleland made a motion to authorize Jim Haney to offer Jellystone the option of funding the feasibility study, those costs potentially to be waived if Jellystone were to join the LRSD as a paying customer. The motion was seconded by Emily Shipley and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain
• Chemical Feed Tank
• DLZ met with Astbury and District to review project on December 9, 2022.
• Project scope discuss, location of tank review and revised.
• To allow time for changes and bidding interest, quotes moved back to January 2023.

Small Purchase Policy
• Jim Haney made a motion that Joe Cleland, Emily Shipley, and Rosa Ritchie generate a proposed process in which identified board members may authorize small purchases acting as individual board members and/or as a committee. The motion was seconded by Emily Shipley and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain

Monthly Connection Report
• Greg Gear reported:
• Four properties remain unconnected, but that the Motes property was sold at Sheriff sale. The board directed Greg Gear to monitor the completed transaction so that the new owners would be informed of the status and obligations of the property.
• There were 2 new construction permits pulled.
• There was 1 tear down/rebuild permit pulled
• There was 1 connection completed.

Other Matters That May Come Before the Board
• Mike DeWald omitted a request to move funds in the regular Treasurer’s Report.
• Mike made a motion to authorize transfer of $100,000 from the asset replacement fund to the operations and maintenance fund. The motion was seconded by Bob Marcuccilli and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain

• Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:33 pm was made by Bob Marcuccilli. The motion was seconded by Parke Smith and was carried by the voice vote of:
• 7 Yeas
• 0 Nays
• 0 Abstain

Parke Smith, Secretary