February 15, 2023 Minutes

February 15, 2023 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Jim Haney.
Present: Jim Haney, Joe Cleland, Emily Shipley, Mike DeWald, Parke Smith, Bob Marcuccilli
Absent: Rosa Ritchie

Report of Meeting Notice
The meeting date and time were posted and advertised as required.

Public Comments

Approval of Previous Minutes
Bob Marcuccilli presented the January 18, 2023, Regular Meeting minutes and made a motion to approve as submitted. The motion was seconded by Joe Cleland and was carried by the voice vote of:
5 Yeas
0 Nays
1 Abstain

Treasurers Report and Other Financial Matters
Mike DeWald reviewed the Cash and Fund Balance Matrix and noted the ending balance of $2,417,446. Mike noted:
The USDA took a bond payment on February 1 of approximately $393,000 as scheduled.
A CD in the amount of $150,000 will mature on February 22, 2023.
No action is required for this document.
Mike also reviewed the Management Cash Budget. Mike noted:
There was a negative cash flow balance of $7,107.
New service rates will not be reflected until the February reports are complete.
No action is required for this document.
Mike then presented the Unaudited Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements, as prepared by O.W. Krohn and Associates. Mike DeWald made a motion to approve the Unaudited Schedule of Cash Receipts and Disbursements, Monthly Analysis of Fund Balances, and Monthly Analysis of Cash and Investment Accounts as presented. The motion was seconded by Bob Marcuccilli and was carried by the voice vote of:
6 Yeas
0 Nays
0 Abstain
Mike presented the monthly Claim Approval Form for a total of $85,361.93. Mike noted that payment for an equipment purchase which was approved the previous month in the amount of approximately $29,000 was held until this month to be sure the equipment worked as expected. Mike DeWald made the motion to approve the Monthly Claims, seconded by Emily Shipley and was carried by the voice vote of:
6 Yeas
0 Nays
0 Abstain

Late Payment Fees
Jim Haney shared that approximately 50% of customer payments received did not reflect the new rates and asked the board to consider a position on anticipated late fees that may be accumulated during the rate transition. While the board does not have a full accounting of the scope of the issue, Jim suggested that the board prepare for a response.
Mike DeWald made the motion to waive late fees that resulted from customers paying the old rate. The motion was seconded by Bob Marcuccilli and was defeated by the voice vote of:
0 Yeas
6 Nays
0 Abstain

Independent Contractors Committee Update
Jim Haney noted that the committee will need to revisit the options for coating lift station walls, which are beginning to show signs of deterioration.

IDEM Permit Renewal Application
IDEM is requiring a construction permit for permission to use the de-watering system.
DLZ has been engaged to determine what needs to be included in the permit application. Casey Erwin noted that DLZ is close to completion and will prepare the application, plans, and specifications.

Astbury Monthly Report
Josh Koontz presented the monthly report.
General Operations
All systems fell within acceptable ranges for the month and the plant is running smoothly.
After correspondence with the IDEM Construction Permits Section, it was determined that a construction permit is necessary for the new In-the-Round (ITR) sludge dewatering unit. As a result of negotiations, IDEM will allow Astbury and the LRSD to utilize the ITR unit while the construction permit application is processed. LRSD’s engineering firm, DLZ, will complete the permit.
LRSD’s new waste profile with the Hoosier Landfill in Claypool, IN, which is now owned and operated by GFL Environmental, has been approved. The new rate is $25.20 per ton disposal rate, which is lower than when Waste Management owned and operated the landfill.
Corrective Maintenance
The influent drum screen that showed signs of a leaking gearbox seal was moved to the onsite shop. Astbury is setting up a time to work with Haskins Underground (Haskins) to remediate the issue. Since this matter is possibly related to the refurbishment work done previously, labor will be at no additional cost to LRSD.
The mixer pump in the selector tank was reinstalled January 24 and is currently on-line.
Purchase and installation of a new Antenna for Lift Station #3 SCADATA is in process. The quote is in the amount of $450 and the LRSD directed Astbury to charge the cost to the Maintenance Fund.
Replacement #1 pump for Lift Station #1 was installed on February 1 and pickup of the bypass pump (provided by Haskins) occurred on February 2.
Spare Fuses have been placed in the control cabinets at all lift Stations per LRSD request.
Issues at a grinder station located at 50 EMS B60 have been resolved. It was determined that the valve in tank was installed backwards.
Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance was performed as required on infrastructure and equipment that comprises the LRSD treatment system, including WWTP, lift station equipment, and collection system low pressure sanitary system (LPSS).
Special Projects
Drum Scrubbers: Astbury will be logging hydrogen sulfide levels at lift station #1 and presenting the data to LRSD.
Future Projects
Lift Station Coating: Derrick Short of Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART) attended and answered questions at the January Meeting. The Board referred it to the independent Contractor Committee.
Issues for Discussion
Lift Station 1:
The replacement diffuser has been received. Astbury intends to have this installed when it can be combined with another confined space entry to the wet well.
Oil and Grease Sampling:
Additional samples collected February 1. The Barbee Inn registered results of 27.4 mg/L, which is below the Sewer Use Ordinance (SUO) limit of 100 mg/L (passed); LakeLife’s results (206 mg/L) were significantly in excess of the limit (failed). Samples are to be collected the first of each month going forward.
Joe Cleland made the motion to authorize Carson to notify LakeLife of the violation and subsequent $500 fine as well as notification that LRSD will increase fines for additional violations (failed tests) up to $2500 per day. The motion was seconded by Parke Smith and was carried by the voice vote of:
6 Yeas
0 Nays
0 Abstain
WWTP Outdoor Pole Lighting:
Three (3) of the five (5) pole lights at the WWTP have LED panels that are not working. Astbury had an electrical company provide a quote for replacement.
Greg Gear solicited additional quotes. The Board needs to understand if the proposals meet specifications.
DLZ will provide lighting specs to Greg Gear. Greg Gear with also ensure that the contractors provide proof of insurance.

DLZ Engineering Agreement
The terms page has been modified and signed and sent to Carson for final review/execution.

Engineering Update – Ferric Chloride Project – DLZ
Casey Erwin reported that the documents have been prepared and are ready for board approval and signatures. Upon board approval, DLZ will schedule pre-construction meetings.
Jim Haney made a motion to authorize the board to approve and sign the documents, pending final review by Carson. The motion was seconded by Parke Smith and was carried by the voice vote of:
6 Yeas
0 Nays
0 Abstain

Small Purchases Policy
Chris Nusbaum of Carson provided an update and proposal.
Indiana allows purchases for less than $50,000 without solicitation of bids.
The proposal splits purchasing authority between 3 identified members of the LRSD Board (Joe Cleland, Emily Shipley, and Rosa Ritchie) who will act as Purchasing Agents and have collective authority to make purchases up to a total of $50,000 on behalf of LRSD. Purchases of over $50,000 will remain governed by Indiana Code.
Joe Cleland made a motion to approve the Small Purchases Policy as written, seconded by Bob Marcuccilli and was carried by the voice vote of:
6 Yeas
0 Nays
0 Abstain

Monthly Connection Report
Greg Gear reported:
Four properties remain unconnected.
One property will be going to Sheriff’s sale.
One property owner is still trying to secure funding to connect.

Jellystone Update
Jim Haney reported that Jellystone confirmed (via telephone) receipt of the communication from LRSD regarding potential plans and costs to join the district. The Jellystone board does not meet until March of 2023 and will not be able to provide a response until after that meeting.

Other Matters That May Come Before the Board

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:47 pm was made by Mike DeWald. The motion was seconded by Joe Cleland and was carried by the voice vote of:
6 Yeas
0 Nays
0 Abstain

Parke Smith, Secretary